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Crosswalk Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling is simply Christian discipleship. Sometimes it is focused on a particular challenge or struggle. Sometimes the efforts of Biblical counseling are focused on a stubborn, life-dominating sin. But correctly understood, Biblical Counseling is discipleship. On this page, you will learn the stories of how God used the ministry of Biblical Counseling to change lives, prevent abortions, and change lives! Enjoy.

Michelle and Baby Blessing

God gives hope. Listen to the story of Michelle, who was under pressure to abort her baby, and learn how the ministry of Biblical Counseling helped change her mind...and her life!

Lina and Makwenke

Marriage is tough. Because we live in a fallen world, relationships do not always go as planned, especially where anger is involved. Watch this video and learn how the ministry of Biblical Counseling taught Lina and Makwenke to find peace in their marriage.

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