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Church Property


Camp Property

The Lutheran Church in Hoekwil is an aging congregation and they are considering selling their building and the adjoining parsonage. So, we paid them a visit to look at the property. It has many of the things we are looking for in a camp property. Would you consider praying with us about this possible camp property??

Would you pray with us about this location? One of the locals is considering letting us use this space for our church services and is willing to allow us to renovate as well! Over the next several months, this property will be tied up in a court dispute with the former tenant. Once that is resolved we will possibly be able to use this for our church meetings. The size is right and the property has plenty of suitable parking, in addition to a pool we can use (once it's cleaned) for baptisms!

There is a kitchen area, bathroom facilities and a room we can use for Sunday School. There are even several guest rooms on the property we could use for teams who might be coming over to visit us from North America. We would invite you to pray with us about this property!

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